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Honoring Haitians: A Letter from Carolyn Meub, Executive Director

Dear Friends of PWW, Eight years ago today, Haiti experienced a life-changing event. A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck this small island nation, killing an estimated 230,000 people, injuring some 300,000 more, and leaving 2.3 million people displaced. Today, while Haiti is in the news for another reason, I vividly remember the tragedy that struck this Continue reading

Safe Water Equals Bright Future for These Children

Madame Liseman Darius (pictured left) lives in a rural community in Trianon, Haiti with her five children. For years, all five of her children, as well as her husband and herself, have experienced chronic intestinal distress, including severe diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, and fevers, from the harmful pathogens present in their water source. Testing of their Continue reading

It’s Time for Sesame Street!

“The greatest global health challenge for children are diseases related to poor sanitation, water, and hygiene. The WASH UP! Initiative aims to reduce the number of children that are dying or suffering from preventable and treatable diseases by providing access to meaningful sanitation and hygiene education.” (Source: Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit education organization behind Sesame Continue reading

Weas Engineering: Supporting Safe Water that Saves Lives

October 26, 2017. Weas Engineering, located in Westfield, IN, is a privately held, regional provider of water management programs for boiler, cooling, reverse osmosis, and wastewater systems. Weas Engineering customizes treatment services to help customers achieve optimal operating results. In 2017, the team of Weas Engineering established a new initiative. They set out to find Continue reading