Success Stories

#NoMoreLimits: Thinking About Menstrual Hygiene Day

By Tiffany Saltis, PWW Intern Menstrual Hygiene Day is May 28th. What are you doing May 28th? Perhaps you will start that day with a shower. If you are a female and are menstruating, you may reach for a tampon, pad, or another feminine hygiene product. In the US, we have many options to choose Continue reading

Mother of Seven Celebrating Safe Water

Madam Casseus nee Nelson Mona (pictured) is a 39 year old mother who lives in Radio Commerce Village, a sub-community within Cité Soleil, Haiti. The PWW Haiti implementation team has been working in Radio Commerce Village, conducting hygiene training with families and installing bio-sand water filters in homes, including the home of Madam Nelson. Madam Continue reading

Life is Easier in Cabañas

Eva Jiménez, PWW-Honduras Intern, recently visited the home of Merlin Melisa Lopez. Merlin, age 30, lives in the community of Cabañas in Trojes, Honduras. She and her husband, Reino, have three children. Jerry Noel López is their oldest son, age 13. Edilia Giselle Castillo is their daughter, age 10. And their youngest son, age 6, is David Reinaldo Continue reading

Safe Storage Water in Rural Schools

By Eva Jiménez, PWW Honduras Intern Last July, when a research team from Water for ME, the University of Maine, and students from Bangor High School and Bowdoin College were in Trojes, a filter performance study was conducted in rural schools (see related blogs). During this study, the team tested 14 water storage containers in 12 schools. They noticed Continue reading

“Safe Water is Important for Life”

“Safe water is very important for life. The BioSand filters have come to benefit everyone in the community. And, personally, our family is saving money because we have better health, and we no longer have to buy water. From PWW, we have learned we should not throw our trash just anywhere, and we have learned Continue reading

PWW WASH Training Team Receives Official Certifications

Last month, the PWW WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Training Team conducted an Introduction to Drinking Water Quality Testing Workshop. The workshop, developed by CAWST (Centre for Water and Sanitation Technology), was led by the PWW team under the direct supervision of Adele Woolsey, a CAWST Associate Education Program Developer. Adele has worked with the PWW Continue reading

A Review of 2017 and Looking Forward into 2018

Happy New Year! I write this letter filled with gratitude as I reflect on the significant impact Pure Water for the World has been able to have on the lives of thousands of vulnerable children and their families over the past 18 years. Our successes are only possible because of the profound dedication and generosity Continue reading

Nelson’s Story: An Investment That Changed His Life

By Eva Jiménez, PWW Honduras Volunteer In February of 2015, Pure Water for the World arrived in El Porvenir de Arenas Blancas, a rural Trojes community comprised of 43 family homes and one community school. Within these homes, at that time, lived 117 children and 106 adults.  When PWW begins work in a community not everyone Continue reading

Safe Water Equals Bright Future for These Children

Madame Liseman Darius (pictured left) lives in a rural community in Trianon, Haiti with her five children. For years, all five of her children, as well as her husband and herself, have experienced chronic intestinal distress, including severe diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, and fevers, from the harmful pathogens present in their water source. Testing of their Continue reading

It’s Time for Sesame Street!

“The greatest global health challenge for children are diseases related to poor sanitation, water, and hygiene. The WASH UP! Initiative aims to reduce the number of children that are dying or suffering from preventable and treatable diseases by providing access to meaningful sanitation and hygiene education.” (Source: Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit education organization behind Sesame Continue reading