We Build Partnerships

We collaborate with leading, innovative organizations and businesses that share our passion and dedication to safe water and sanitation on our planet.

Featured Partner: Singing Rooster

Your daily dose of coffee and chocolate can change lives!

We’ve partnered with Singing Rooster — a champion of Haiti’s small producers. Singing Rooster offers an opportunity to directly support vulnerable farmers, help reforest Haiti, and build rural economies, by consuming freshly roasted, gourmet Haitian coffee and chocolate. And by purchasing from this link, you will also support PWW safe water projects.

Percentage of purchase going to water projects will vary slightly, based on the order size. Based on an order of $25: 
– 27% ($6.82) goes directly to PWW
– 37% ($9.14) goes directly to the Haitian coffee growers 

Support Haitian coffee and chocolate growers and help fund safe water projects by purchasing premium Singing Rooster products from this link: http://singingrooster.org/buy/pww/



“I knew I wanted to do something. I wanted to not just give money.
I wanted to participate in the solution.”
–Jenneth Fleckenstein, Clear Water Filtration in Warren, VT, a Pure Water for the World Partner

Interested in collaborating?

Every partnership we develop is unique. We work together to identify collective goals and visions, measurements of effectiveness and success, and communication strategies. Contact us to discover what we can do together: [email protected]