Board of Directors

MohrBBob Mohr,
“PWW recognizes that we need no medical or technological breakthroughs to eliminate the deaths and alleviate the suffering caused by waterborne diseases. We only need the will.”

jenJenneth Fleckenstein, Vice President
Co-owner, Clear Water Filtration
“I believe education is the basis of positive change because it empowers people to improve their lives. I am passionate about the work Pure Water for the World does because they keep education at the center. With education at the center, sustainable improvement is truly possible.”

woman_silhouetteCharlene Seward, Treasurer
Partner and CPA, Valente and Seward

Paulina Bendana
CoBendanaPrporate Secretary
Retired, (from a career in aerospace)
“Access to safe drinking water and sanitation is a critical need in developing countries. Pure Water for the World is a leader in the field of providing sustainable clean water and sanitation solutions for some of the poorest communities, in areas where people have little or no access to clean water and sanitation infrastructure, working closely and with community members to assess their needs and provide technologically and economically appropriate capacity. Furthermore – and one of the key reasons why I am passionate about Pure Water for the World – is the education and training it provides to the local communities, empowering families and community leaders to address their clean water and sanitation needs on a sustainable, long-term basis.”

CarrisBBarbara Tracy Carris, Member

DonbergBWilliam “Bill” Donberg, Member
Flight Instructor / Adjunct Professor, Northwestern Michigan College
“PWW has a unique view of how lives of the materially and spiritually “poor” can be improved. It operates on the premise that everyone can solve their own problems given the right tools. And, in the end, that is the only sustainable solution because it changes everything.”

man_silhouetteDavid Fisher, Member
Partner, Aerie Consulting

GilmoreTTony Gilmore, Member
“On my first trip to Haiti with a Rotary International District mission, I installed biosand water filters. Understanding what clean water would do for the Haitians, and indeed anyone (provide relief from sicknesses, support healthy children going to school, to eventually be raised out of the cycle of poverty, and more), was an epiphany for me. Pure Water for the World isn’t just filters; it’s education and sustainable solutions.”

HallRRobin Hall, Member
Realtor, Coldwell Banker Hickok & Boardman Realty
“Everyone should be able to have access to clean water.”

HinkleDDoug Hinkle, Member
President, Adirondack Electronics

PoppelBBarry Poppel, Member
CPA, Retired

ReedMMichael Reed, Member
Process Engineer, AVANTech, Inc.
“Pure Water helps to facilitate life changing access to clean water and sanitation. It gives the poorest amongst us a chance at a better life and is the starting point in breaking the cycle of poverty of an entire community.”

Paul Sofka, Member

ManganelloRRick Manganello, Past President